This page is dedicated to Lieutenant Peter Binsted RNR


                                                                                                                                    25 July 2008


I am writing on behalf of my mother whose husband was Lieut. Peter Binsted RNR and who was, I believe, the First Lieutenant aboard the Asphodel when she was sunk. He died in 1993 but she has asked me to relate the following.

My father had said that as the Asphodel went down her depth charges, which had been primed and ready, were exploding and that had accounted for much of the loss of life. He was lucky because one went off directly underneath him and popped him out of the water like a cork while killing those around. He maintained that there were only three survivors, eleven had climbed aboard a raft but only the three were able to hold on until rescued by Clover.

A couple of interesting coincidences have happened since. In 1951, my mother together with my sister and I were passengers aboard a Furness Withy ship from Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia. During the voyage she met a fellow passenger who said that he was with the Clover when my father was picked up. On another occasion, (canít remember the date) my parents were visiting Westminster Abbey and my father recognized, met and shook hands with one of the other survivors. Unfortunately, we donít have the names of either contact but my mother would be happy to hear from them or others who were involved in the rescue.

Attached are some photographs of both the Asphodel (K56), the Clover and my father as a

Sub Lieutenant in 1941.


John Binsted

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Many thanks to John Binsted, Lt. Peter Binsted's son and John's mother for sending this information and photo's to use on this site